Hi Everybody,

SOLD!! today is a very beautiful 6138-0020 that i bought from Dahasco earlier
in this year. You can look up his ad, it said it could use a service, and he was
right, but that's the next paragraph. What i received thrilled me, the case is just
so sharp, all original brushing is still intact, a few tiny dings that show it hasn't
been refinished, on it's original bracelet which when laid flat on a ruler measures
7-1/2" with the watch. In other words, should accomodate a 7-1/2" wrist, but
YMMV as fit is an individual taste. Crystal, dial, hands are all flawless, and that's
not a liberal use of the word. So from this not-so-humble beginning i've taken this
watch through a full restoration. If you're not puking yet, read on.

I sent the watch to John Sachs for a full overhaul, and he did a bang-up job as
always. not much to do cosmetically, but it's immaculate now, and running for the
last 24 hours on one wind, it has gained 3 seconds. Everything functions just as it
should, and i have treated the watch with care. I thought of this watch as my trip
measuring device. Not LSD, more long-distance driving events, i think an hour
counter is indispensable when driving from Vermont to Georgia, for example. But,
come to think of it, this watch would measure acid trips equally well, though
the data collected would probably seem irrelevant. In any event, no trips have
been taken, with or without this watch, it has been worn once a month and lived
otherwise in a velvet-lined box.

Next stop was Kent at Everest Watchworks, that man is the best relumer in the
business, not to take away from others who relume, but note that i don't think Kent
does mechanical watchwork, he really specializes in re-luming, and he is an artist.
I asked him to take it as close to new looking as he could, and he did. As a result,
this watch is a time machine. There is nothing delapidated about it. it presents,
apart from the few tiny dings, as it would have in January 1972, when it was made.
The lume is bright and durable, it is legible all through a lengthy night.

I am not trying to be controversial. I am a life-long artist with an MFA in Sculpture,
and i take these watches very seriously, as art. I honor a watch like this by making it
as functional and beautiful as it possibly can be, and i have put my money ( which
is scarce) where my mouth is. An overhaul and a reluming of indices and hands is
not inexpensive, but i am offering this watch for only $100 more than what i paid
for it this year. So, if you like or love this watch, and you're in agreement with the
fine work that has been done to it, then this is your lucky day, $500 paypal f&f
gets it.

If no one goes for it, then i will suffer the consequences, and keep this watch :) But
i am in a place where i need to raise funds, so this is why i am selling it, that and
the fact that i've settled on a Smiths PRS40 as my long-distance time measurer,
one that will better suit my financial condition as this body i drive ages. And also,
i've been downsizing in general anyway, so it's time.

SOLD!! for $500 paypal f&f, OBRO, but if you like the watch as it now is, i don't think
the sizable improvements made to it should come for free.

Thanks for looking, Everybody, and Thanks to The WatchSite