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Retangula Rdunae (San Martin)

If Spencer Klein one of the foremost Seiko watch restoration and modification experts known gives outstanding positive review of this faithful reproduction of the Seiko made 6105-8000 copy in his YouTube review, then you know there’s good news about this particular watch……Spencer's video review hits the nail on the head; it's really an improved version of the original Seiko. Everything faithfully reproduced, but with a better movement and an AR coated sapphire crystal.

I just got this from a well known and respected forum member.

This Chinese watch manufacturer; San Martin builds a number of various models and styles of watches, they continue to establish a first class reputation based on high quality and customer service.

This model comes complete with all original packaging from San Martin including the Pelican style waterproof case, owners manual, warranty card, hang tag, strap change tool and VIP card for a discounted future purchase from

Spencers first of two reviews:

** SOLD* $135 shipped * Sorry no trades

** Prospective buyers: “Always first check my sellers feedback on WUS, try to buy from known and trusted sellers on WUS”
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