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Up for consideration... Just in time for Halloween!!

This watch is from Jonathan's personal collection and was created by him for Halloween back in 2008.

here's a link to the thread:

I aquired it recently from his estate and know very little about it except for basic hands on observations.

Here are some particulars about the watch.

Orginal 6309-7040 case is from January 1981. The case has the appearance of honest daily wear throughout with no heavy dings or dents present. The gasket sealing edges are all clean.

The Bezel rotates and clicks properly, the insert is a worn original.

The crown screws down 3 full turns to close. The outer edge of the crown appears to have been modded like a dome

The gaskets appear soft and newer, The crystal is one of Jonathan's Bubble boys, it has some mild scratching/distressing evident. these should be viewable in the photos.

The 6309a movt is very clean in appearance, runs strong and is keeping good time.

The dial is a custom "Swedefreak Original" of sorts....It's luminescent and glows both under a UV lamp as well as luming with exposure to a light, It appears to be a decal of some applied over a lumed bare dial. The hands appear painted and do not glow.

This is a great "Kooky" watch that could be used as is for it's given purpose, or the case could be restored. either way, this is a nice piece of history from Jonathan's personal box.

Price is $135 usd shipped within ConUS *****SOLD*****

international shipping is available, but will be an additional cost to the buyer. please pm me to inquire.

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