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SOLD: JDM Limited Anniversary G-Shock DW-5000ML-1JF, Screwback! REDUCED $180

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For sale, is a 1x used Limited Edition Anniversary Model G-Shock DW-5000ML-1JF, Screwback model, made in Japan for their domestic market.

I originally purchased this watch while interviewing for a VERY popular internet social-networking company here in California. ;) I bought it thinking I would end up working there, and I wanted something cool to tell the time alongside all the hip youngins they have working there.

It turns out that I didn't get that job, but I got promoted to a different department where I work instead. They're a bit more traditional here where I work and while they wouldn't tell me what not to wear, a digi-watch is just a tad bit juvenile for the office. Thus it would not see the wrist time it deserves...and it deserves it. This is a very awesome watch, collectible and has a spirit all its own among all the limited screwback and anniversary models. Nice wrist presence, and hefty enough to feel unlike 99% of the plastic Gs in the market.

Yes, the display IS red, and looks freakin rad, pardon the skater talk. This deserves to go to someone who would wear it well. I hestitate to call any watch MINT unless it has not been touched in any way, but this is the closest to it. Let's just say 98%. It looks exactly the way it did when I ripped off all the plastic blue gunk they put on them new watches!

Yes, truly worn gently one time and quietly tucked away in the watchbox. Box and instructions are intact and included.

$200 Now $180 shipped USPS Priority CONUS, internationally at actual shipping cost. Paypal preferred, please.

Inquiries please PM, or email me at [email protected]



(pics below...pardon my weak photo skills!)

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Re: FS: JDM Limited Edition Anniversary Model G-Shock DW-5000ML-1JF, Screwback! $200

One reduction to $180, before this one hits the 'Bay. You will never see this one for sale domestically, folks.
This is SOLD and gone. Thanks buyer and SCWF/SCTF! :)
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