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SOLD FS: Seiko Bellmatic 4006-7010 - For repair - $90

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- Seiko Bellmatic - Model # 4006-7010
- Silver dial with all original parts
- One of the older versions of the bellmatic model as shown by the rare caseback design
- Original beads of rice bracelet
- The alarm setting button does not stay in place after I removed it so the watch will need some work
- As quoted by Martin of Adventures in Amateur Watch Fettling, "the alarm setting lever, which is operated by the push bar acting against the setting lever spring, may have become stuck in its depressed state which then means the alarm button does not then click back into position."
- The alarm was working prior to me taking the movement out of the case
- Also, the silver dial shows wear and possible water damage
- As a result, I'm selling this fixer upper for $90 shipped to Canada and USA. E-mail me if you live elsewhere

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