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Thank you buyer and SCWF!


Maybe one of the best quartz chrono movements ever made, sporting one of the most beautiful dial Seiko ever made.
It is the inverted version of Guigiaro´s Sports 100 chronograph Segourney Weaver has worn in "Aliens". It refers to the black watch you can see on the third pic (and which is NOT for sale).

The movement comes from a former black coated but bed-blasted Seiko 7a28-7001 I got from the bay for a long-time project.
Anyways, the movement works great, all functions as they should. The dial is in perfect shape. BUT: the tachymeter-ring has a crack. Once installed, you won´t notice anymore.

Asking for $180 via paypal, shipped worldwide.

Contact: matthiasbecker(at)


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