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SOLD: Citizen Crystron Quartz $75.00

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Ok I give up....... I really wanted to restore this watch but have given up on it...... I just cannot find a replacement X-tal or bezel insert for it so I'll leave it up to someone else!
Being offered is a (you folks dont like the use of the word RARE) scarce Vintage Citizen Crystron Quartz model.
It is not the 600m model size nor is it the smaller size (as in the Crystron Automatic) but is a full 40mm in diameter NOT including the crown.
Case and dial are in excellent shape and the crown screws in as it should. A new battery has been installed and the watch seems to run reasonably OK but it WILL need a servicing as service history is un-known.
Crystal is totally trashed and will need replacing. Hands and indices still glow but the lume has some kind of black gunk on them and will probably need re-luming altho they really dont look too bad a and a new X-tal will really make a nice difference in the watches appearance.
Movement looks clean with no rust etc.
Anyway....... I'm just trying to point out all the negatives that I can up front so your not dis=-appointed should you buy it.
For someone who is willing to take the time to restore it properly this watch would be a VERY nice looking example and could easily become a daily wearer!
Sorry for rambling........... here is the pic........

$75.00 shipped FREE in Conus and IF you think my asking price is out of line...... drop me an E-mail and let me know! I want to sell it as it's doing me no good just sitting here!
The model # is: 44-0019
I'll ship the watch with 2 black generic rubber bands...... one brand new......the other slightly used.
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Re: FS: Citizen Crystron Quartz $75.00

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