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This is my WUS Seiko & Citizen Forum 'Restoration Project' watch. I was planning never to sell it but times are tough and I need the $$$.

It's a Citizen 6501 dress watch likely dating from the 70s. It was rough when I bought it so I brushed the case (using a brush attachment on a polisher), and then polished the upper surface and caseback (using a polishing wheel, buffer attachment, and rouge).

The original faceted crystal was beat up, and I don't like faceted crystals anyway, so I fitted a brand new mineral crystal.

The watch came on a beat up old rubber strap (see botom pic) so I fitted a brand new blue alligator print Hirsch leather strap.

The original dial and hand set are mint, so I didn't touch them.

The movement was remarkably clean so I didn't touch that either. My watchmaker lubed it and regulated it but that was approximately 9 months ago. The 6501 is a 21,600 bph movement with quickset date but not quickset day.

Price is US$40 SOLD

I will ship to anywhere in the world. Payment by PayPal only, postage by registered Australia Post preferred (US$20-25 to the USA).

Please note this pic was taken prior to restoration. The caseback was lightly buffed at the same time as the case and is in excellent clean condition. I just included this pic so you can see the caseback engravings. It is fitted on a Hirsch blue leacther strap but I'l throw in the rubber strap below (fitted when I bought the watch) if you like.

These pics of a 6501 are from Roland Ranfft's movement database. Mainly including them for interest. The movemnt in this watch is in superb condition, no pitting or corrosion, so it looks just like this. It's a nice little unit!

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