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Hi all, I have decided not to finish this project as I am concentrating on one or two Seiko watches I still need to finish (and then will decide if they are keepers or not - I am seriously trying to reduce the collection).

In the hands of an accomplished restorator (you all know those guys' great work) these parts should make at least one good rare 1991 Citizen diver from their titanium Professional quartz series. Both watches have suffered from moist but I think a good dial can be made from the parts (I was thinking of taking the indexes from the left dial and fitting them on the right one, before a relume of course) and there is at least one salvageable hand set too. The case on the right is very good has the original bezel insert, plus the crown/tube threads are fine (for some reason, one of the crowns fits well on both cases while the other one feels stripped on one of the cases). At least one of the 5503 movements was working when I disassembled the watches. The crystal needs a polish (or replacement of course, I don't know if they are available).

More pictures can be sent by e-mail!

This [borrowed picture] is what the end result could perhaps look like, the silver hands version (there was also a gold hands version, I had one and always regretted selling it) of this awesome watch:

Looking for a reasonable 195 US dollars including worldwide shipping (fully insured) from the Netherlands. Paypal accepted when not shipping to a European country, IBAN bank transfer preferred.


Guido S
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