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    [size=1em]Casio ABC Protrek PRG40-3VER. This is the same model as the Casio Pathfinder, PAG40. Casio sells Protrek models outside the US, Pathfinder models inside the US. If you would like an ABC watch and don’t want to spend a lot of money this would be a good watch.

  • TZ Rating 75%-85%. Someone tried to stealth the watch with a Sharpie, then someone tried to undo the stealth job with what looks like white fingernail polish. But the crystal is clear, no scratches or blemishes, and the band is in good shape. All functions work like they should. No manual or stand.

  • Module 2271. Altimeter, barometer, thermometer, compass. 5 daily alarms, 24 hr stopwatch, negative EL (display lights) backlight with auto EL feature. Duplex LCD, low temperature resistant, large easy to read display. Dimensions - 57mm x 53.8mm x 17.9mm X 73g.

  • $45 OBRO shipped 1[sup]st[/sup] Class Mail CONUS and Canada. $48 shipped 1[sup]st[/sup] Class International Airmail. Paypal accepted, no fee. Email [email protected]
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