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[EDIT: Photos are now included as some people were having trouble with the link]

I am selling have SOLD my Seiko 6105-8110. Here are the details:

--Beautiful original dial, never relumed, in excellent condition. No crud.
--Hands are also original and have some crud, but they look to me like a cleanup and relume would yield good results.
--Movement is clean and shiny, no rust. I haven't done a formal timing it but it keeps good time, hacks like it should and date changes are sharp. Service history unknown.
--New Seiko crystal
--Original bezel and insert clicks positively and fluidly.
--All parts are original as far as I know and can tell. That was the claim when I bought it a couple of years ago and as far as I can tell that is the case.
--CROWN DOES NOT LOCK, the locking stub appears to be worn down. If you're in the market for this watch you probably know that the "locking" has no effect on water resistance etc.
--Sold head only.
--I have taken the best photos I can so see those for condition. The watch has a normal amount of wear for its age. I can't say for sure but the case does not appear ever to have been worked over.
--With the popularity of these watches you see a lot of stuff that's questionable. This watch is not. It's a good, honest 6105 with normal cosmetic wear and no attempts to "restore" the watch that so often leaves them looking awful.

You can email me at gregory[dot]little[at]ca[dot]rr[dot]com with any further questions. PLEASE EMAIL INSTEAD OF SENDING PM as I get email continuously but may not check back here for PM immediately.

Logistical Details:

--The price is $390 plus Paypal fees and shipping (including mandatory insurance). Price is firm. I believe it's a reasonable price for one of these watches with the dial and movement in the great condition they're in.
--Paypal only.
--Shipping via Fedex or USPS Priority Mail.
--I will look at international offers on a case by case basis but will give preference to buyers in the US. If I'm not comfortable with a shipping destination then I won't accept the offer.

About Me:

I might show up as a new member of the forum because I just had to create a new account with the site's new location but I had been a member of the previous version of this forum (network 54) for years and many of the people who have been here before know who I am (John N, you may recall our group meetups in Santa Monica!). I was hdco1313 at that forum too so if you search archives you can find me. I have a perfect Ebay record.

Thanks for looking!

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