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Cleaning out the parts bins, and I have come up with a nice little 6139 parts lot. Included are:

6139-600X notch case, unpolished and in good shape

6139-6002 case and back, unpolished and in decent shape

Two 6139-600X internal bezel guide rings (not sure what to call them??), they're the parts that the internal bezel rests on inside the case.

6139-600X black internal bezel very faded

6139-600X yellow internal bezel with white painted front in superb condition

6139-600X external pepsi bezel in good shape with a few small scratches

Two 6139-706X cases. Both have backs, one has a scratched crystal and excellent condition internal bezel.

Price is SOLD $95 for the lot shipped in the US, overseas would be extra. Might consider parting the lot out if no takers for the whole bunch. Refs-o-plenty, PM me if interested.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts