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SOLD: 1970 Seiko 7005-2000 dress watch, £55 shipped in UK

SOLD: 1970 Seiko 7005-2000 dress watch, £55 shipped in UK

[Please excuse the flurry of FS, I have an incoming I need to pay for and keep getting tempted into trades!]

I love the clean looks of this watch (a bit like a large-faced version of the original GS models) but it is my only gold-plated case and I just don't wear gold. Also I have 2 in steel!

Keeping good time (measured with Twixt as -7.8s/day) and with the cleanest dial I have seen on one of these, the downsides are a small crack right at the edge by 1 (hardly shows when worn) and a small scuff at the outer edge by 5 on the acrylic crystal. Apart from that in very nice shape, albeit with the usual age related small scratches on the case. Band is a Diplomat Milano anti-allergy - don't think it's leather but looks good.

Let's call it £55 delivered 1st class signed for, no fees to me. You can pay the extra for SD if you want - no trades sorry!

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