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This is a watch that is 90% of the way along to full restoration and I figure why not gage interest "as is" before I push it to an auction site.

6119C Runs great. Quick change date works well. Quick change day works but the stem is maddeningly too short unless you push crazy far in so either go across midnight back and forth or put in a new stem.

The inner rotating timing bezel works great when the stem used has a gear and spring. Selling it without the gear and spring so it is not moving at this time. Simple fix to get her going again. The good news it will work if the gear is used all the underside teeth are there. It just needs the parts.

New vintage Seiko hardlex but not correct profile if that matters. Hands are good vintage but not correct to the model.

Bracelet is in fantastic shape. Nearly new condition clasp. Fits up to roughly 7 1/4" wrist.

Make me an offer in cash or trade if interested.
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