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Mine has landed in the UK now from AZT (SUN019) (no photos yet so not doing a post until I get photos sorted) - don't know about AZT selling for official prices, Chris - $511 versus a tag price of $695 (if you can even get one elsewhere) seems OK to me. Especially as I'm in rip-off UK where we pay virtually the same figure in pounds as full list price in US dollars. Even adding postage and handling fee and some import VAT it was still a bargain in my view and in some places you wouldn't have to pay that and could also opt for cheaper postage.... (Admittedly it flew quite low on last approach in respect to the last item but this is charged on selling price not list price)....

Plus the waiting 2 months after pre-order, the growing anticipation and sitting back waiting knowing I had guaranteed owning one of the first batch was half the fun!
Must get that camera sorted but I have to finish decorating porch, hall, landing and stairs first, she says ;-)
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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