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I had a try a SUN019 on the weekend at an AD in Sydney on the weekend. They are large but I like the general look and feel of the watch. :)

The list price is AU$1100 (US$1030) but I got them down to $820 (~US$770). With the prices I have seen internationally I passed on this but will keep an eye out for a reasonable price. I think after a couple of months the price will be significantly less as supply is increased.

Is there a JDM version of these yet? I have checked the usual Japanese sites (Yodobashi etc.) but do not see this listed.

My other observation I have not seen raised by others was the bracelet center links seem to be folded and not solid. :(

At this price point I would have expected solid bracelet links. This could be to reduce down the already heave weight of the watch but I felt there could have been a much nicer way to finish the bracelet.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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