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Just showing a 7S26-0029 I bought from Dave H from dmh straps. I got a genuine mod dep tropic in 22mm last Sunday at a NYC flea market and just put in on the head. Earlier I tried on the seiko Oyster, which looked great. I missed the fun of strap changes on my Seiko dive watches. I was away from Seiko, focusing on other brands for a few years and I feel like I came back full circle to Seiko after I bought Dave's old watch. I forgot how much fun they can be! So far all the watch needed was a regulation and its running surprisingly well since I first took it from its shipping package. Next will be a new crystal when I have time, and more strap changes (I have nine choices waiting to go on) until I get bored and leave it in a drawer for another day I feel in a seiko mood. So here is some pictures. Thanks for looking :)


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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