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this mod was started as a used SKX031 daily beater by the previous owner that i bought in fairly low price:)

Having it condition, i decided to mod it with many model of Hans Wilsdorf creation as my inspiration: models in late 50's - 70's
Vintage Rollie !! :D especially the fragile Bakelite on 6542

so here are few picture on my mod documentation at the moment
detail mod are: re-chamfering lug, rollie style second hand in white, DIY bakelite style insert, custom fitted endlinks

fitment trial

lume application before painting the base

the insert was shape by hand with needle file
eliminate all the rough edges, all surface polish gloss

case was re chamfer to sharpen the look :)

after some fine polishing

got no bracelet or rubber when i bought it
it is my determination to use endlink with leather band, so i bought skx007 made for 22mm bracelet and mod the endlink to fit this watch... grinding the metal bit by a tiny bit and finally... i'm happy

before & after

not to forget the white subsecond hand

later i will update with custom crystal, custom lume handset and watch band
1 - 4 of 4 Posts