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SKX031 mod: progress on 6538 tribute

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Posted on WUS a week ago, but figured SCWF members might enjoy this a bit more.

Ever get obsessed with a watch but have no idea how you started obsessing about it? That was the case in the last couple months for me, as I have been recently enamored with the classic Rolex 6538 (but not the impossible price tag). So I sought out a means of a tribute piece, but one that was genuinely Seiko at heart.

Enter a parts watch SKX031 fresh from the 'Bay:

Next, find the cheapest aftermarket oyster bracelet for semi-okay fitment.

Then get a shipment of dial, hands, chapter ring, & crystal from Jake & Harold:

Basic tool kit from Amazon put to good use. So far nothing broken -- which means so far so good!

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The original clasp that came with the cheapo oyster bracelet held okay -- but honestly wasn't befitting to this build.

While non-WIS people might not recognize the Dagaz logo on the dial, I'm sure they will recognize the "Seiko" label on the clasp -- hence, harkening to this SKX031's origins:

But what a WIS might discern is that this ain't no ordinary clasp.

Especially when the ratcheting extension is exposed:

Because the clasp is longer than the aftermarket poo-poo clasp, removing links included the removal of "permanent" links. A hammer & expendable knife does quick work to pry open them "unremovable" links. When there's a will, there's a way.

Further refinements to come...
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A great looking project to make a very unique watch.
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