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SkX031 goes stealth

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After looking for a SKX031 for quite some time (I wanted a diver with a screw down crown at 3 o clock) I suddenly got an offer to buy two watches one evening!

The first watch arrived after a couple of days and I immediatley started to modify it!

The watch was meant to be a test for making bezels and watch dials using my router.

First try on making a bezel :

The bezel is made from anodized brushed black aluminum sheet 0.5mm thick - I made a dial in the same material.

I put a mixture of white paint and lume in the groves of the bezel and the watch dial.

Time to put things back together!


I only had a 20mm black strap on the shelf so it'll have to do until my new 22mm rubberstrap and oyster bracelet arrives!

As I had to work late, I managed to miss one line on the bezel when making it and also found the number "10" to be cramped by the lines surrounding it - had to make a new bezel!

Added some minor alternations and the routed a new bezel - painted and replaced the old one on the watch.

Not so "stealth" in the dark, but it will do!

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1 - 14 of 14 Posts can make bezels and dials?...incredible work it...
I have a small CNC router/engraver in my workshop - until now I have just routed text on DIY audiostuff.
Just started making a few bezels and dials with it and it shows potential! :)
Exceptional work, and a great design too, really looks the business!

What is the 'router' machine you've used to make the parts? Is this something you do professionally, I take it RCD is your initials or company?
It's a Roland PNC-2300 - purely used for making parts as a a hobby!

RCD is short for my (perhaps) coming company RCDesign! ;)
I started it years ago when making hand made furniture and audio components - it has not been used for years!
Got some new aluminum the other day and made a new dial.

The aluminum is much darker and the "old" dial/bezel now looks a bit blue/gray when compared. Don't know wich I like the best!?
I'll make a new bezel in the new material this evening and compare.

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like the dial do great work...
love that lume work need to show more how you do that...
love that lume work need to show more how you do that...
It's done like in the picture above!
The routed "groves" are filled with a mixture of paint and lume - lest to dry a bit and then the access paint is whiped away using white spirit and paper = done! :)
Takes a bit of practice, but is not that hard to do!
Well....., you're obviously called McG for a reason; he could built a boat with just a knife, toothpick and a plastic bag!
Nice job!!!

Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met behulp van Tapatalk
Thanks all!

I got a oyster bracelet in the post a couple of days ago !

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Excellent! BTW, you might want to move this thread to the main forum, some people might have missed it here in the member galleries.
Will start a thread there - tnx! :)
Looks mighty fine!

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