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Rewind to about August. My father sends me an e-mail with a link to a thread on WUS and a post by the Watcher. I PM'd him about the dial/hands combo but unfortunately he didn't know what model they came from. With a little detective work my Father found the watch, a SNK607. So an order from Amazon, an order from Ebay, an order from Dagaz, and one last order from Murphy Manufacturing and here we are.

Now I have something similar that he modded for me here:

Base Watch:


Chapter Ring:
Dagaz 7S26 Black 60 MIN

Crystal Times Double Dome Big Bubble

Bezel Ring:
Murphy Manufacturing Coin Edge Bezel

Bezel Insert:
Dagaz Silver Pepsi Insert

Strapcode Super Engineer with Submariner Clasp

Couple of items of note. If anyone remembers I posted a bit ago about a watch on eBay with a crystal that was large enough to leave little to no gap between the bezel and crystal. This Big Bubble crystal is very much like that. It looks great and really brings out the details in the dial. Another interesting thing is that the crystal makes the chapter ring appear to be almost 90 degrees to the dial. It's an optical illusion but it looks fantastic in person. Almost like the watch is filled with liquid. It really diminishes the look of the angle on the chapter ring in the SKX007 case and I really like that.

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