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It started life as a SKX031 (case number 7S26-0040) that I picked up off the bay. The movement was shot so I replaced it with anew one bought from Noah with the black day and date dials. Here was the first problem I faced, the new movement had the day dial set for a 4 o'clock crown, not 3. So I had to realign it with judicious use of a scalpel and some very carefully applied epoxy (I set everything up on the old movement to align it properly while the glue was drying).

The dial and PO style hands came from Harold (Yobokies). The dial was set up for a 4 o'clock crown, so the dial feet had to come off and I attached it to the movement ring using homemade dial pads made from 0.5mm double sided tape (the type they sell to stop rugs slipping) cut into little strips.

I replaced the PO style second hand with one of Noah's silver arrow style hands, partly because I thought it looked better and partly because I couldn't attach the one from Harold no matter how hard I tried and ended up destroying it!

The case works were much more straightforward. A silver chapter ring and an AR domed sapphire from Harold were an easy drop in and the Alpha bezel insert is a tight fit, but once in it's the perfect size. The Bond Nato was from Watchadoo and is very comfortable and finishes the whole thing off (although it has worn quite quickly compared to my other NATOs!)

Overall, despite a bit of fiddling around it was a pretty simple mod because there are gentlemen like Noah and Harold providing us with the parts ready(ish) to drop into this case.
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