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Bought this Sample case to simply steal the screws for my 100% working 5H23-6379.

Once received, I realized there might be more routes. Asking here in case the SCWF experts (I am not one) can help me avoid stepping in :poop: if you have already gone down a similar road.

A). Stick with the plan, swap screws (assuming the case isn't stripped) and put the rest in the parts bin

B). Swap movement into the Sample Case, swap case backs and call it a day

C). Take the movement out of the old watch, swap dial and hands from the (nicer, newer) Sample onto that movement and then put into the new case.

I'm thinking these are in order of the smart things to do based on my skill level, with A being smartest, but would love some thoughts before I butcher it.



PS - Sample Case is 5H23-637H, the only discernible difference I can find is the bezel, which is blue with gold numbers vs. black with gold numbers on my existing.

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Definitely C swap the movement onto the new dial and use the new hands in the new case.

If the bezel color from the old one suits you better use it otherwise the new one rules !

FWIW, if the watch in question were a popular and valuable reference and there was concern over how it would get represented later on then some other stuff creeps into the equation. I say a Sample Case is always the one to use I have done this swap before and more often just gone out and sourced a watch for its movement.

Have fun with it !
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