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Shogun question

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Does anyone know if:

- the Shogun has a threaded crystal retainer or is it merely a push fit
- is the chapter ring removable from the front or from the back

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I'm sure you've googled it to death... I would assume as with some other 200m rated Seiko divers it will be a press fit crystal and minute track dropped in through front.

But you know what AssUMe did :)

Somebody must know...
yup - googled in to death. Surprisingly little info. Haven't even come across any pics of component parts.

I do think the chapter ring is inserted from the front but had hoped at the price point that the glass was retainer by the threaded retainer (as on the 7C43- 7000;s etc)

Thanks though
I don't own a Shogun so I can't be of much help, but I took a look at the parts list of other divers with a threaded crystal retainer like the 7c43's, 7c46's etc and there is always a glas fixing ring mentioned but not so in the parts list of the Shogun 6r15-01D0. Whatever that means...
I haven't looked but again my guess would be that may be similar in design to Sumo as they are of same generation. I'll be having one of those stripped down in the next few days.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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