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Luckily having got to this point of the rebuild

I found the problem.........

dried, congealed and very sticky oil, which after cleaning looked like this

that shaft is part of this bridge

and the cannon pinion (?) that you can see fits over it and should spin freely on it (driving the M hand).

The sticky oil was significantly impeding this rotation - I guess enough to stop the movement. Once I'd separated and cleaned them I was able to continue with the rebuild

prior to fitting the circuit and bridge, the small rotary switch is placed - this is the same design as used in the 7Axx movements (which I know so well) and allows the movement to be regulated if required.

with the battery fitted, and life detected it was then over to the dial side

and then back on with the dial

and with the S hand lightly fitted I left the movement to run for 24 hours feeling confident that all would be well now .......
Wow, fascinating! Thank you!
21 - 24 of 24 Posts