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Series Finale of Miami Vice May 1989

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diver spotting.

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loved that show...great find in the pics..missed it...will have to watch it again
There is an episode of Magnum PI I am sure TC was wearing a 6309 also, but he wears it face inside and never could get a clear verification shot.
really..i am watching them again for the first time since they aired...thank you for info...will have to look now..
Maybe its a FAKE....the Daytona was:grin:
In the old days of the original forum Shawn Taylor pointed out a Magnum PI episode with Seikos and a Rolex which I found.

Too bad the photos are now gone.

Thank you Larry Biggs for hosting the mirror site.
very cool i did not know this
Magnum was looking through some stuff.

He looked at his Rolex, but for the close up shot they cut in a 7548 I believe.

Sort of the opposite of what happened with the Arnie in Commando.

You could see the analog digi of the Arnie in some regular shots, but every close up was the abomination they rigged up.
Maybe its a FAKE....the Daytona was :grin:
The (Ferrari Daytona spyder) car not the (Rolex Daytona) watch. ;)

Though perhaps the Rolex Presidential worn by Sonny Crockett may have been too. :p

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loved that show..
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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