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Is it possible to make the appearance of the new discussion forums resemble the old forum?

The old one (and Dr. Seiko's current forum) both display the first line of all replies beneath the original post. Makes a quick skim of the posts and replies easy. The new format displays only the post, not the replies.

Can I alter the settings of my account in some way to accomplish this? I've experimented with the "look & layout" screen of my account profile, no luck so far.

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I think what you are asking is whether individual users are able to change the way they. individually, view the forum either as a linear layout (like you are viewing now) or as a threaded layout (like the old N54 SCWF). If so, I'm afraid the answer is no you can't. This is not even an option available to the staff. the forum software we are using is linear in nature only. Even if you could change the view to threaded, posting in the title line is intentionally disabled, so you would not be able to see anything but the same title in all the replies. The idea behind disabling the title replies is to make it so that members have to reply inside the post boy. this makes the forum easier to read in a threaded layout, plus it also allows users full use of the editor and it allows others to quote you post (which they would not be able to do if you reply in the title line).

There are a number of features to try and make things easier for those who prefer a threaded style.

1. You've already discovered the preview windows that open automatically when you hover your cursor over a post title.

2. If you are in the main page and you see a dark blue balloon next t a section title, that means that that section has new posts you have not yet read. click on the balloon and you will be shown ONLY those threads.

3. if a thread has posts in it you have not yet seen, the system will ad an orange flag that looks like this
next to the thread name. That flag is a link and if you click on it, it will take you directly to where new posts begin since the last time you read that thread - thus you avoid having to read through hthe entire thread to find the new posts.

4. Lastly for those more tech-savvy, you are able to subscribe to a thread so that you get e-mail notifications of new posts, or subscribe RSS feeds of the entire forum, any one section or any one thread, and have the feed sent directly to the news reader of your choice, on your computer or mobile device.

I hope the combination of new options makes viewing the forum a little easier for those who prefered the old threaded viewing style.
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