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Great thread.

Do you sell these or something? You seem to have a load of these fake 7002s. You created a thread about them ages ago where ultimately people had to explain how yours are aftermarket, cheap looking rubbish that are in no way like an actual 7002. And all you did was post more as if you didn't care? At least be honest about them. And why create a thread like this, with no info, nothing interesting to read about the watch unless it's some sort of advertisement? Call me cynical but I don't buy it.

Your thread already exists here:

Where you show off similar watches.

The reason this pisses me off is that when you post a picture of a fake, with the misleading title "my new 7002', it causes people to go and spend money on a fake when they think they're getting the real thing. Which means the seller makes money on tat!

So, my question still stands, do you sell these? Maybe a more honest title would be 'my new mockup 7002' and then detail the fact the dial (fake) and insert are aftermarket parts.

If this was a 6105 no-one would stand for it. Just because these are cheaper it's allowed. Well I say bullshit.

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Haha, get off your soap box Guy, at least the OP has put it in the modded watch section this time round.
Yep its another modded 7002, using less than average AM parts.
Theres nothing in the post to suggest its original, and anyone looking to buy an original would hopefully do their homework first so as to avoid buying something like the watch above.

6105/7002 comparison is somewhat unfair, 7002's are now starting to come into their own, while not as valuable as a 6105 and probably never will be, originals are getting harder to find and are increasing in value. However there are so many 7002's in very poor condition, they will either end up as scrap/spares or being modified.
I have a few modded 7002's, purely because the dial/hands are beyond restoration or at least the cost of restoration would be vastly more than the watch is worth at todays market value, so its either mod and get the watch back on the wrist or scrap it for spares, then that's another one lost completely.

Alpha, looking at some of the modded 7002's you posted in the link given by Bodo, this one is Naff to say the least.
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