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Seized Spring Bars - Any tricks?

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So I've picked up a 6138-0020 to bring back to life, but I'm having a fight from the off! The spring bars holding the bracelet on are so gummed up that they just won't move with a spring bar tool (I've tried various sized ones). I've then had them sat submerged in penetrating fluid for the past 5 hours but still haven't managed to even begin moving them.
Does anybody have and tricks to help remove them?
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Spring Bar removal's

If they are old just get rid of them and cut them out if you have others.
I had that once and dumped for new ones. If you can get a side cutter
in there cut it out, probably old and rusty or just plain stuck.
At times I have used

I have used a little razor knife to just catch it and slowly try to move it out.
The razor knife works well and it gets real close to the case area and it
might move a nitch.
Has not let me down yet. Then I just junk the bar. A lot of times they are just to old and can be discarded.
By the way Tom you have great looking watchs too, I like them very clean.
Good job, successful


Nothing would budge them, so I decided to stop messing about. I figured I couldn't make the watch much worse, so sharpened a small screwdriver up with a file to make it into a chisel. 2 swift raps with a hammer later & both bars have died a death!
Yes but that watch looks like a Doozie . Its very nice and has a lot of potential from the looks of it.
Well one more into the collection and a worthy one also.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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