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A huge thank you to SeikoKid (Rob) who rescued my Seiko 0624. Given to me by my father in the mid 70's, it saw action on my wrist through my school years and into my early career in the Royal Navy.

Here on my wrist in 1983 in HMS Glasgow while transiting the Corinth Canal.

It fell out of favor in the mid 80s and didn't really resurface until I found it in a 'box' a few weeks ago while spring cleaning. In went a battery, but no joy. At least the light worked ! Now with a son of my own, I thought about resuscitating the watch and found positive references to SeikoKid on this forum.

We touched base and to cut a long and thoroughly helpful story short, he transformed it from a paperweight . . .

. . . to a full functioning watch . . .

. . in a few days and for a thoroughly reasonable price.

My son loves it,but his Lego model still has wrist primacy. He will get it from me when he goes to school. In the meantime, it has reclaimed pride of place on my wrist.

Thank you does not come close to the help and excellent service that SeikoKid provided. He rocks.

Hope you too have a happy ending.


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