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hi, I came into this wonderful Seiko pocket watch, found it in a box of assorted junk my mom recently acquired for crafting purposes, and she let me keep it. I was so impressed with sleek, simple, and unique design that I figured I'd look it up. turns out it's a rather collectable model, and sells for about $200 in good condition. FORTUNATELY for me, mine has some cosmetic damage that would turn off a buyer (somebody somewhere along the line decided it would be a good idea to try to open the back with a screwdriver), so I get to keep it just for my own enjoyment and appreciation, without being haunted by dreams of what I could do with the money :)

mine is gold-plated, and the serial number matches within 150 of a watch just like it in an expired ebay listing that is currently the third-down on a google search for "seiko 6102-0010" (I'd just post the link, but apparently I'm not allowed to yet, this being my first post).

anyway, I've found all the technical specs on it, but what I haven't found is the story behind this model. I want some color and history on this watch, because it's a really interesting design, and there must be a story in there somewhere. also: why would such a sharp looking timepiece, of apparently decent quality craftsmanship have an acrylic crystal? that to me is a mystery, cause it it really seems to me like it should be glass. was it just because acrylic was relatively wiz-bang new in 1968?

so if anyone can point me to some history or advertising material on this watch, I would love to learn everything I can about it.
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