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Seiko Vanac Crystals

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I have just had delivered a lovely (each to their own!) KS Vanac 5626 5050. It runs beautifully and has lost next to nothing in 48 hours. The 5626 movements appear to be very highly regarded.

The only issue with the watch is the state of the faceted crystal. It's pretty beaten up and I wonder if they can be re-finished. Beneath the crystal is a perfect dial and the rest of the watch just needs a good clean. I ask about the crystal because I don't seem top be able to find a replacement crystal anywhere. If anyone could either point me in the right direction or even has one, perhaps they could let me know. If these are just not available, then I can only think of the re-finishing option.

Thanks all.



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Any round faceted crystal is hard to find, square ones don’t exist.. ask me how I know
1 - 2 of 10 Posts