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I sold a really nice looking Bulova auto to a guy. He rang me up and said that the glass had fogged up and wondered if he'd damaged the watch.
I said probably not.
It was basically a dress watch and he was doing pretty physical stuff with it.
He sent it back for me to check out. Its ok but I thought with the rougher stuff he was doing wearing the watch he needed a more rugged watch.

Talking through this he agreed.

I won this Seiko for $60 the other night. The timing was 'out' apparently.
I got it and timed it on my Timegrapher (put on beat and it had been running way too fast).
It seemed an ideal watch for him above so I sent him a photo and he agreed.
After testing it I sent it off to him.

I got the Bulova back (would rather not have) in exchange for the Seiko so I win $ and he wins with a watch that'll last him years:grin:

All being well I can flog the Bulova off to someone who'll use it as nature intended.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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