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Author: Radio_Daze

I posted a slightly less detailed version of this review in the affordable forum yesterday. So I thought it may be a good idea to post here in it's rightful place.

FedEx turned up yesterday with another package. Of course I knew what the package contained, yet another Seiko watch, all the way from Singapore.

On opening the package, I was faced with a plain cardboard box and two manuals, one instruction manual and one for the slide rule bezel and no warranty. Inside the small box was my new Seiko SUN009P pilots' watch.

This model is one of Seiko's kinetic range with a 5M65 movement and is I believe a brand new design. In theory, a kinetic watch should give many years of maintenance free service. I say in theory as there have been reports of power cells failing after just a couple of years! I however have had a Seiko kinetic for over six yeas now with no such problem.

As well as the main time setting crown on the watch, there is a small button at two o clock to check the reserve in the power cell, and a large crown at four o clock to turn the inner slide rule bezel. Neither of these crowns screw down by the way.

This model also has a GMT or 24 hour hand. This hand can either be set to GMT, or another time zone, the choice of course is yours. One unusual feature of this particular model is the fact that the main hour hand can be moved independently of the other hands. This is useful if you move regularly from one time zone to another.

The dial has Seiko's legendary lume on all four hands and hour markers.

The case back is the see through variety, so that you can see the less than attractive movement and also see the rotor turning. With a Seiko kinetic, the rotor turns as you move your wrist, this in turn generates a small electrical charge which is then stored in the power cell, which when fully charged, will keep the watch running for upto six months after the watch is taken off of the wrist.

The mineral crystal over the dial is slightly domed, which to me gives a more expensive look than a flat one.

Size of the watch is 41mm across the bezel without any protrusions. I find this size just about perfect for my 7 1/2 inch wrist. Fit and finish are both of a very high standard, as is the integrated bracelet. The bracelet is made of solid stainless steel, not folded strips, and stamped "China" and the back of the watch says "Movemet Japan".

Some time ago I had a Citizen Night Hawk, which is a similar design to this Seiko which also had a GMT hand and slide rule function. I did sell that watch, and intended to get hold of another at some point. However now I have this new Seiko, I think that I prefer it. As nice as the Citizen is, I like this one a little more, as the dial does not look quite as cluttered. I think that this watch is as good as any other watch I own, and I own quite a few. I think that one is a must have, for any Seiko fan. It really calls into question as to what you gain by shelling out many hundreds more for one of the major swiss brands. But there again, I am biased, as Seiko is my favourite watch brand, as they give you great quality at a great price.

Overall, I am very pleased with this very nice watch and find myself constantly admiring it. As I picked this watch up on eBay for $109.95 plus a fairly hefty $32 shipping, I am not too bothered about the lack of warranty. In fact, I almost feel like I stole it. I paid as much for a blue Mako, and believe me, this watch is of a much higher calibre.

I know that if this watch is ever stocked by Seiko UK, which I think unlikely (What is wrong with Seiko UK nowadays?, the choice of watches is really poor.) the price would probably be around the £300 mark.

It now remains to be seen how much FedEx charge me for VAT and customs clearance fee.


It's now been exactly three weeks since I received this watch. I'm happy to report, that after wearing this watch constantly for the whole time, it has only gained 1/2 a second. I find this quite remarkable as the specifications claim +/ - 15 seconds per month accuracy. This is now probably my most accurate watch.

Oh, and by the way. FedEx charge was under £11.50.

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