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Hello forum followers!

I have searched and searched, but have found nothing. I have Seiko Sportura H024-00A0 (SNJ019/021) watches that have 4 tri-groove screws (also called Holt-head) holding the bezel in place (see picture attached).

Some of these screws have loosened, and I would like to be able to tighten them, but cannot find a suitable tool anywhere, nor any mention of special Seiko watch tools, specifically one designed to work on this type of screw head.

I can find a few "tri-give" bits, but they are far too large! I am looking for a watch/eye glasses sized "screwdriver" with the correct tri-groove/Holt socket already fixed to the handle.

Anyone know where I could possibly find one of these? Or even some kit with changeable bits, where the kit wpould have the "tri-groove" bit in the correct size?



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