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Seiko Sportura Tri-Groove/Holt Bezel Tool Information Wanted

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Hello forum followers!

I have searched and searched, but have found nothing. I have Seiko Sportura H024-00A0 (SNJ019/021) watches that have 4 tri-groove screws (also called Holt-head) holding the bezel in place (see picture attached).

Some of these screws have loosened, and I would like to be able to tighten them, but cannot find a suitable tool anywhere, nor any mention of special Seiko watch tools, specifically one designed to work on this type of screw head.

I can find a few "tri-give" bits, but they are far too large! I am looking for a watch/eye glasses sized "screwdriver" with the correct tri-groove/Holt socket already fixed to the handle.

Anyone know where I could possibly find one of these? Or even some kit with changeable bits, where the kit wpould have the "tri-groove" bit in the correct size?



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I know this thread is ancient, but I was looking for the same info re another Sportura. I finally found the answer from Cousins, in case anyone else comes here looking like I did. Seiko say that the "screws" are in fact just cosmetic plugs, and you don't want or need to try and remove them. Bezel is held on purely by the gasket. So no special tool required (or exists, presumably)
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