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I hooked into this today.

Nice to do and old Seiko. I kind of Swiss like in some ways.

Sadly it's got the expanding strap that my customer likes.....I hate them =

dirt collecting, hair nippers :undecided:

I usually part dismantle while the movement is in the case = the best movement holder.

The movement comes out the front so a bit of hammering on the Swiss Army knife go the bezel and glass (plastic) off and out it came.

It's amazing what some scraping and fibre brushing can do to the case gunk!

Stripped movement and soaked after some wiping/brushing.

Buffed the glass - that's as good as I'm going to do it = good enough.

Sanded the case - still to buff.

Cleaned bracelet.

No wear in abor holes = yay:)

Cleaned, checked and re assemble time parts. Cleaned balance jewels and set going on test.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts