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Just received this SNZF13K1 today. It is actually a Seiko 5 diver styled watch rated to 100m. I think it was 1st spotted on the bay last year. But since then i have only seen ine real life photo of the white dial version when Dennis got one for his brother. Not sure what is the complete series like but i really like this blue on blue version. What do i mean by blue on blue? You will see what i mean from the pics

I have always been intrigued by the blue on blue combination - blue dial and bezel as seen in the SKA 011 and also in my Pulsar solar diver.

So when this b-on-b beauty popped up for a good price and since i was looking for a gift for a close friend, i thought what the heck. So enough intro, here is the watch...

With flash

The well known 23 jewels 7S36. Non hacking , non winding.

Dial and colour
It really has a nice shade of blue that i like. The bezel especially has a nice hint of green as compared to the dial.

The hour markers have a nice silver border to it and the hands looks really good as well. The dial and hands gives an impression of a much pricier watch.


The bezel is nice and low and clicks unidirectional 120 clicks. It clicks well but not as 'solid' as a Monster.
The bezel print design is reminiscent of the SKJ divers which i like as well.


The case is about 42mm w/o crown and 44mm with crown. But it actually wears quite small due to the low profile (maybe 11-12mm thickness)
The overall package is quite light too

Non-screwdown and smallish in size. A bit of a disappointment but hey, its a seiko 5

Its surprisingly a solid linked bracelet. Much better than the foled links of standard seiko5. Its not that hefty though and squeaks a little bit

Display case back.

Have always enjoyed looking at the workhorse movt in Seiko 5s. Same here as well.


Solid seiko lume. Probably due to the surface area and thickness of the lume. Seems to be better than an 009/7 but not as good as monster's

Wrist shot and comparison shots

With Sawtooth and my blasted MM

I nice quality watch for its asking price. Really gives good value for money especially with the good looking dial, hands, solid bracelet and bezel . The thin case and crown is a bit of a let down but i guess i have been spoilt by tunas lol.

But if you are looking for a cheap, decent diver styled watch which looks cool and you dig the blue(goes well with jeans i bet
) - this watch ticks most of the boxes.
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