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Author: Wizurd

- Brand: Seiko

- Model number: SNM035/SNM037

- Official or unofficial Nickname: Landmonster

- Overview: A very solid watch with a great wrist presence. Comfortable, heavy, and accurate.

- Movement: 7S35, 200m WR, auto-winding (non-hacking, non-handwindable), 21,600BPH.

- Case review: The best case amongst any Seiko I have had upon my wrist. Very solid, heavy, and THICK.

- Crystal review: The crystal is clear and doesn't scratch but I actually have made a very small chip in my 035. Would love to see a sapphire crystal available for this model.

- Bracelet/Strap review: The SNM035 comes with a very nice, standard, Seiko folding/locking clasp SS bracelet. I have not had any problems with it and she always snaps shut with ease. The SNM037 comes with a Z20 which isn't a BAD rubber strap, but leaves a lot to be desired. They feel great with a Maratac Zulu strap!

- Bezel review: The Landmonster comes with a unidirectional rotating bezel, 120 clicks, and V-20 markings in orange with a small ball of lume at 12. Unfortunately my 035 has a very tight bezel which is hard to move and my 037 moves very freely. Since I don't use this function often I don't mind it not moving so it always stays in place. :eek:

- Special Features: The Landmonster comes with a bidirectional rotating compass which is used in conjunction with the position of the sun taking into account AM or PM. I have heard of this ring becoming loose and moving around on its own but I have not had a problem with either of mine.

- Closing opinions: I tried the watch on over a year ago at an AD and have yet to go more than a few days without wearing one of them. It is truly a stunning watch in person and I am always happen to have one and never plan on letting her go.
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