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Review ezcheese

I recently received this watch from Amazon, which has the watch incorrectly listed as SNAD67. This is my first Seiko and it definitely won't be my last!

This is a very nice and substantial watch for the money. I really wanted an affordable chronograph that was extremely easy to read. I can glance down and instantly know what time it is thanks to the white hands on black dial. Additionally, this sucker lights up the night sky thanks to the super bright paint Seiko uses.

The chronograph function is very nice. the 9 o'clock subdial is small seconds, the 12 o'clock subdial is 1/20 seconds. this hand will run for 10 consecutive minutes and then stop to conserve battery life. The 6 o'clock subdial has large and small hands counting up to 12 hours. The large seconds hand on the main dial counts seconds in stopwatch mode.

When I was trying to decide whether or not to get this watch, I looked around for reviews and came up empty handed, so I wanted to write a quick review for anyone who is considering purchasing this watch.

This is a fantastic watch that can be easily found online for under $200.

Now for a few pics:

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