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authored by Blut und eisen
Seiko titanium alarm chronograph Model # SNA113P1

I’m not a watch collector, my brother cowbiker is. I needed a new watch and he turned me onto this forum which I enjoy looking at very much. Since I enjoy looking at the other member’s items and reviews, I thought I would add my own review of my modest watch.

I just bought it. I will wear it everyday, 24 hours a day, to work, to sleep, in the shower, hiking, playing softball, etc. That’s just how I wear watches. I never take them off and beat them up. It is replacing my old Seiko which I had for many years and wore everyday in the same fashion.

The case and bracelet are titanium. The watch has a marginally useful alarm function which is set no more than 12 hours before you want the alarm to sound. The MSRP is $375 US. I purchased it for less than 150 - brand new, minus box.

The movement is quartz 7t62

The dimensions are: approx 40mm case approx 10 mm thick, the lug width is 20mm.

It is water resistant to 100m. The crystal is hardlex.

$150 seems very reasonable to me for this. I like the regular numbers on the dial. It gives it a simple, almost military look, but I think it’s dressy enough to wear with nice clothes too.

All titanium makes it very lightweight. 100m water resistance is more than fine for me. I told my brother if I am ever more than 12 feet under water, something has gone horribly wrong and I don’t care what time it is.

I haven’t been wearing any watch for several weeks so I expected it to feel awkward on my arm but I don’t notice it, except I think it’s nice looking so I keep checking it.

I’m totally happy with it, but since I’m hard on watches so I would like a sapphire crystal. If this one ever gets scratched I would replace it with that. The titanium band is supposed to only be good for wrists 7.75 inches or smaller, and my wrist is exactly that or maybe just a hair over, but it fits fine.

I think I would like it more if it were a little larger, the case that is. Looking through the forum, after I ordered this, I started to wish I bought a larger watch since I enjoy the pictures of the “sumo” and other big seikos. But maybe next time.

Overall, I think it’s great, and for 150 bones, a good value. I recommend it if you’re like me and just need a practical, versatile, watch and don’t want to spend a fortune.

Here are some pics of the regular band, a composite strap, and a nato style nylon one cowbiker sent me. Thanks again.

I used to make fun of my brother for having so many watches and straps, but I can see why he’s interested in them. I’m already thinking about the next watch. Right now, I’m thinking the Seiko alpinist or a Seiko 4r15a……thanks everyone for the forum.
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