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Seiko SKZ211K1 “ATLAS” Review

Author Any Cal.

Hi all,

I did a G-shock torture test a while back, and was wearing a Seiko Atlas while I did the test. Afterward, I thought about torture testing the Atlas, but didn't want to beat up a more expensive watch. Anyway, I wanted to show that the watch could take some abuse, along with a bit of review. So...check it out:


In my opinion, an analog watch needs to be 1)quick to read, 2)have adequate lume for some nighttime use, and 3)be water resistant enough for most conditions. For these reasons, the Seiko Atlas has quite a bit going for it.

The Atlas has striking yellow hands, which are easily read in daylight. In fact, modding watches with colored hands is quite popular, but not necessary with the Atlas. The lume makes the watch easily readable in the dark, for 2-3 hrs or more, depending on conditions. The Seiko Divers seem to have better lume, but that could be due to their much larger indices. While not dive rated, the Atlas is 200m water resistant. This has been plenty for work and play, rain and sweat, showers and saunas. No complaints whatsoever.

WATCH THIS VIDEO, and you will see what kinds of things this watch goes through on a daily basis. I think that the workhorse Seiko movements have a well deserved reputation for toughness, in this case the 7s36B. When the watch was new, it kept time to something like 1/2 second per day. Now, months later, it has settled in to about -10 seconds per day. While not chronometer accuracy, it is very adequate for most uses.

The overall fit and finish is quite good. The bezel turns easily, the day/date wheels are black like the face, rather than a contrasting color, and the bracelet is very nice with solid links and solid end links.

Thanks for reading, and if you are looking for a workhorse automatic watch, this might be one to take a good look at.[/c][/c]​

Tell me what you think. The video is not as abusive as this one, but I am hoping that it still shows some of what the watch is capable of.

Reviews and videos courtesy of Pictures Isthmus tracked down.​


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