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Seiko SKXA55 "Orange Bullet" Minireview.

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Author: Fshalor

Watch : Seiko SKXA55 "Orange Bullet"
Movement: Automatic 7s26B.
Case: Stainless Steel, WR 200m (0020 standard Seiko divers, similar to SKX007, etc. )
Dial: Orange, with painted lume bullets for hour markers. "SEIKO / AUTOMATIC /DIVERS 200m."
Chapter ring: Strange, white ticks/blue background for 20 minutes, balance black ticks/white background.
Face: Mineral Crystal
Bezel ring : unidirectional, 120 clicks. Black insert. SKX007ish font and number placement.


Watch came to me new, with tag, bag and no papers. Attachment to the reviewer was on a Seiko super oyster, solid SS band, with folded end links. Two light dings on the watch, one on the bezel ring, one on the left side of the case, were there when I got it. The folded end links didn't quite fit into the curve of the watch.

I liked the heft, and immediately took to the watch. Was late to work the first day, due to taking a while getting the band sized. I really liked the screw links. The issues were with the micro-adjustment, and end links. Spent a good 2 hours in our machine shop adding a pair of holes to the bracelet clasp. After a week with it, I gave up on the bracelet. The end links ruined the watch for me. Next time I have $40 bucks set aside for random stuff, I'll pickup a set of solid end links from Yobokies for them. (Will make all the difference. )

Went from the SS oyster to Martec Elite bit black stitching. Wish I'd gone with orange stitching. (Pics soon.) The bands fit me and the watch, but I didn't feel completely comfortable with them. Went to a black 2-ring zulu for a week or so and put a Watchado on order.

Watchado went on fine, with some slight issues with me getting to know a new bracelet sizing tool. I put some swirlies on the band that I regret. At least now I know how much light I really need to resize a bracelet. I didn't have near enough at the time.

The watchadoo fit better, seemed tough as nails, and completed the "tool" watch look to me. I enjoyed a day of wearing this very comfortable and rock solid combination working on some wood projects and editing some documents on a Saturday.

On to the other bits: Accuracy, reserve and lume.

The first week, I just wore the watch. It behaved well, but seemed fast. A week in, I clocked it at over 20 seconds in a day. (Closer to 30s!) Opened the back and touched it down a hair. Next two days, it was at -5s. One more minor tweak back the other way, and it settled at between +5s and +15s, depending on how many hours I wear it, and how it's placed at night. Two weeks later, and it's still in this window. I'm happy and can trust it to get me where and when I need to be.

As an bit of information on the reserve; I believe 40 hours easy. The interesting thing is, I wore this watch on Saturday. I took it off at about 11 pm that night. It's Tuesday afternoon, and other than the fact that it missed the "Spring Forward" change, it is only a minute behind. The only winding it got this time period was a 30 second walk in ia watch taco in my backpack on Monday morning, and another 5 seconds of poking at today.

Lume is good, even though the size of the lume bullets are a bit smaller than I was originally expecting. Still, not half bad. It does the job.

Here's a freehand lume shot:

Expected future additions to this thread.
- Wrist shots
- Black and ACU-Gray Zulu band shots
- Martec Elite strap shots
- Action shots (on hold, since I can't get this Samurai off my wrist. )


Purchase at shop. Great people. I like how they show everything with a "wrist shot" for comparisons.

I definitely landed with the black 2 ring as my "default". While I really enjoyed the few days this spent on the Watchadoo, I just simply never got around to putting it back on the band. I think I'm going to have to pick up a second orange bullet or skx007 cased watch for the Watchadoo.

As much as I like the SBDA001 on rubber, I just literally tend to wear this one more. Some of that's due to not really having much to do right now other than work or hanging out with friends, writing; etc.

Accuracy has held to between +/- 10 s / day. Never had a problem with skipping a day, picking this up and not having to touch the crown.
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nice review... wearing orange monster is a common, but wearing orange bullet makes you different than others. i really like pair it with the president bracelet...
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