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Seiko SKX007 with orange monster dial...

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Here's my modded Seiko SKX007 with orange monster dial!

I bought this second hand SKX007 with production date 07-2007, the previous owner bought it new in januari 2008. It has not been used much, it had some minor marks from wearing but no scratches on the glass or bezel! I modified it with an orange dial from a Seiko SKX781 and hands from the Seiko SKZ205. I also used the outer ring from the Seiko SKX779 on this dial but this does not fit without some serious adjustments! So I removed the glass very carefully and adjusted the chapter ring and now it fits perfectly. I recently sold it to a fellow forum member from Sweden. Here's the result:

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hi, i'm just curious, from where do you get the Seiko SKX781 Orange dial ?

btw, the image was removed, can you post it again, i want to see the result :)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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