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Seiko SKX 007- end links of Seikos 48A2JG doesn´t fit...?

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Hello everbody.....!

I need your help...please ! I don´t know what to do and I cannot find any information that could help me! I´m almost getting crazy....

I bought a Seiko SKX 007 and instead of the rubberband I want to get a original Seiko oyster bracelet for it....
So I researched thru the internet all the information I could get. At the end I bought the Seiko oyster bracelet 48A2-JG...i could read that everybody advices to get this one instead of the44G4-BE because the end links of the44G4-BE doesn´t fit correctly to the SKX 007....
So I get the bracelet 48A2-JG but the end links also doesn´t fit to the SKX....they are too thin (there is a number on the end links, it says "48A2-GI".....I think the end links for the 48A2-JG and for the 48A2-GI are the same or is there any differences?)

I don´t understand it because all the reports thru the internet says that the 48A2-JG fits perfect the SKX 007 even it is not an original oyster for the SKX 007.

Maybe one of you guys can give me an answer and can help me...?!?

Thank you so much in advance.....
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Heard you can grind them to fit. If done professionally is this a good idea?
hey check with yobokies or wjean...they will have solid end links to fit what you have...
Or check strapcode they have the right end links as well.
Ive had some luck by calling the Seiko service center with the case number. Sometimes you can get info from them.
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