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Thank you Mr. Levity, I am on the U.S. side of the pond, and finding the parts I need is extremely difficult. I tried to contact "Quartzimodo", who seems to be somewhat of an authority when it comes to the Seiko SKJ divers, and the link for leaving a comment, as well as the link for "Ask Quartzimodo" seems to be disabled. I am looking for a 22mm TITANIUM Jubilee bracelet in the solid tone, as well as the gold plated two tone one. This is proving to be quite a hunt. Anyway, thank you for the courtesy of a polite answer. Nice to know some people still have "class".
This is just a guess, but had you stated that the contact links were broken instead of just saying there is no way to contact anyone, the response probably wouldn't have been what it was. This info was only stated later along with an insult.

Also, when you talk about "class", remember that you're the new guy calling an established, long-time contributor to the forum a "rude know it all jackass". This probably isn't the first impression you want to give.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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