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Seiko SKA371P1 Review.

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Authored by TikTokClarice

I know this has probably been done a few times here, but I thought I would give my views on my Seiko SKA 371 which I have owned since February 2009.

I put a lot of thought into buying my first (and only) Seiko, I asked a lot of shop staff, and even called Seiko UK (who were very helpful and honest regarding the lifetime of this system) to get some idea of the lifespan of the cell inside these Kinetic watches. I just loved the heavy, chunky solid looks of the watch, but it took a while to dispell my concerns about the rechargable cell system, especially as I would only be wearing it for a few hours each weekend.

Eventually, I ordered one from local AD in Peterborough (Leslie Davis) their staff seemed knowledgable and I insisted they ordered one from Seiko, rather than having the one from the display, so I would be getting the maximum cell life from day one. (you see so many Kinetics not running, completely discharged in shop displays, which cant be good for the life of the cell)

I am so pleased with this watch, its everything I hoped for and more!
The case is Solid, heavy and very well finished.

The bracelet is also very solid, with nice tight links, micro adjustment on the clasp and of course the extension link to go over your wetsuit. I find the bracelet very comfortable to wear, the extension link could go slightly more flush into the clasp, but a small criticism.

So far, the Hardlex crystal has remained scratch-free.

Back to the case, the crown has a nice long thread, and has a very smooth action, as does the bezel, with a perfect smooth-feeling click to the ratchet. Also there is the power reserve button at the 2 O'clock position. Pushing this when the second hand is at the 12 position results in the hand indexing round to a maximum of 30 seconds to show the power reserve in the internal cell. Full reserve being up to 6 months.

The caseback is mirror polished and has the lovely 'ocean wave' symbol, as well as stating that its a Certified Scuba Diver's watch.

The Japanese made 5M62 movement has, so far proved perfectly reliable and keeps good time.

The mechanical noise you get when moving the watch about sounds rather crude at first, compared with the usual smooth noise from the rotor of an automatic, but you soon get used to it, and its nice to know every time those gears whizz and hum, your putting a tiny bit of charge into that cell. If I've got a few minutes to spare, I'll often sit a oscillate the watch for a few minutes in my hand, before putting it back in the drawer.

Personally, I like heavy watches, and this one certainly is, but I find it a good reminder to keep away from brick walls, and rocks when on the beach! If it was lighter, you might forget it was there, and end up scratching it. I did get it scratched on holiday, when playing volleyball, the sand-covered ball hit the clasp, putting a few light scratches in.

Upon getting home a quick buff with the scotchbrite pad soon made it like new, one of the advantages of a brushed finish, as opposed to mirror polishing on the bracelet

The watch comes in a very nice box, with outer box, inside instruction books and worldwide warranty papers, together with a certificate from Seiko UK, stating that all Divers watches are now re-tested for water pressure before dispatch to UK Dealers. The certificate gives the serial number, movement caliber and is signed and dated to say that the watch has passed all pressure tests. I thought this was an extra indication of the confidence Seiko have in this well made watch.

I have to admit that its unlikely it will ever be doing any diving, but I would feel very confident using it should the need arise.

As for the charging concerns, I wear the watch only a few hours at weekend, and not always every weekend, and it has consistently remained at the 20 second position of power reserve when tested.

I did wear the watch on holiday this summer, every day for 8 days, and the power reserve when checked at the end of the week had gone up to the maximum 30 second position.

Overall, I would highly recommend the SKA 371 to anyone wanting a well made, reliable and heavy waterproof watch.

Hope this help anyone looking to buy an SKA 371.

Boston, UK.
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:) Hi Richard,,
what a great review,, I am just about to order a SKA371p1 from Yorkshire Watches,, but i could not find a good/fair review,,,
So again thanks,,,
Ivor Scott.....
great watch, I have two,one in black and blue bezel, and its lumen is spectacular, a shame that is not automatic
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