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Authored by slivver71

i'm not sure if these 2 watches have been reviewed together. but, now that i have these 2 bad boys, i decided to take some pics of them. now, i'm not a horological expert by no means , so i'll just let the pics do [i][b]most[/b][/i] of the talking...[/font]
[font=century gothic][img]

[font=century gothic]as you can see, the os300 dwarfes the mm300 in both width...[/font]
[font=century gothic][img][/font]
[font=century gothic]...and height!!! [/font]
[font=century gothic]i like them both equally, but there's a few things that are very different between these two watches, besides the size.[/font]
[font=century gothic]- their movements (to me of course [img]) are equal. i mean this purely in their accuracy. the os300 has kept an amazingly -0.5 sec/day right out of the box. the mm300 runs an excellent -2 sec/day. i know the mm300's got the "higher grade" high beat movement and it can be hacked and handwound, but, the os300's slowbeat, non-hacking/handwinding movement will rack up reserve time very quickly![/font]
[font=century gothic]- bezel insert (though they're not really least in the mm300's case) goes to the os300. it's very scratchproof, matte black, has the cool white numbers...i don't know...i just like it [img]! the mm300's is polished and scratches very easily, plus since it's actually a part of the bezel, it'll need replacing if it's badly scratched up. i wish seiko had used a ceramic or sapphire cover for the bezel...oh well, it does still rock [img]. i like the looks, just not it's toughness, or lack thereoff.[/font]
[font=century gothic]- bezel action is equal, except the mm300 is a 120 while the os300 is a 60 click bezel. [/font]
[font=century gothic]- bezel edge or outer edge of the bezel definately goes to the seiko. it's mean [i][b]AND[/b][/i] elegant at the same time. it's seriously, imho, the best looking bezel edge!!! the os300's is too "rolex like" for me. [/font]
[font=century gothic]- dial/readability. i like them both...but, the date on the os300 is a bit small. the seiko's dial is more elegant looking also. i think if i had the black os300, i could do more of a fair comparision here. [/font]
[font=century gothic]- crowns both equally screw down at least 4-5 times to seat them...which is great.[/font]
[font=century gothic]- hands go to the seiko!!! just an amazing attention to detail on their part!!! they're almost 3 dimensional. the os300's hands are just a bit flat looking. in turn, the seiko's [i][b]are[/b][/i] a bit too short, while the os300 hands are just the right length...for me anyways [img].[/font]
[font=century gothic]- almost equal, but the os300's is bit brighter and longer lasting. [/font]
[font=century gothic]- case goes to the seiko. it's multiple polished/brushed finishes also give it, like the hands, a 3 dimensional look!!![/font]
[font=century gothic]- crystal. the mm300 has a sweet curved hardlex crystal. i prefer it's shape, but at this price, a sapphire would've been cool, but it can be replaced if it get banged up with a sapphire...if i can find one somewhere! the os300 has a 5.5mm thick (i believe) sapphire crystal...awesome, but it's flat, which i don't like. i prefer curved crystals, but this is purely aesthetic on my part. this goes to the os300, BUT i wish it was curved!!! [img][/font]
[font=century gothic]i guess that's about it. if i sound naive...well, i probably am. i just know what i like and this is not at all an "experts or professional" review...just my "laymans" review [img]. [/font]
[font=century gothic]see you all on the forums...and remember all of the above is imho, so please forgive me if i ruffle any feathers. [/font]__________________
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