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Authored by zoodles95

First, feel free to cross reference this review wit the Ti Black samurai Review, here:

Seiko SBDA001 Black Titanium Samurai - Review

This watch has been around for awhile and in my collection for around 18 months. With all the Sumo and Monster talk I thought I would review another cool watch that Seiko makes.

Unlike the Monsters and SKX divers using the 0020 case the Ti Samurais use a 7S25 movement which is a day only variant of the 7S26 day/date auto used in the other watches you already know. Like the Monsters and SKX divers this is a non handwind, non hack auto which is tough as nails and tends to run on the faster side.

All right then... On with the review, here is the Ti Blue Samurai...

As you can see there are some interesting upgrades between the Ti Samurai than the "typical" SKX divers with the 0020 case (e.g. SKX007/009/011 etc).
For one there is the applied indices and different bezel. One thing that is really cool is the way the textures on the bezel assembly and crown match up. A really nice feature. Being date only is neat and many like the simpler feature of a date only display.

The caseback might be the nicest of all my Seikos. The Sumo had an amazing caseback from what I remember as well. The combination of polished and brushed Titanium comes together really nicely. The bracelet is exceptional as well and the way the end links go into the watch head is really well done.

Typical Seiko clasp and diver's extension. Very low profile though and comfortable on the wrist.

Some shots to try to show the caseback:

Cool details on the watchhead...

Now a whack of wrist shots. The case is almost like a modern interpretation of a cushion case. The squareness of it seems to accentuate the bit of case that hangs out beyond the bezel assembly. I also love the 3 0'Clock crown which helps the watch to seem even larger than it is. It also never bothers me in the least in terms or hitting my wrist or the back of my hand.

The hands are exceptional. They look a bit like Marine Master hands; hence why they have been utilized for several years now in making "Poor Man's Marine Master" where people take a SKX171, put on a SKX007 bezel assembly and then use the Ti Samurai hands to finish the package. I find the second hand to be a bit of a modern interpretation of a 6105 diver's hands. The hands and applied indices are of an exceptional quality.

I will finish up with a variety of different wrist shots so that you see what I see when I am wearing this beautiful watch. Of all the inexpensive Seikos I feel this is one that really transends its value. This is truly a $300-$400 watch that looks like a $1000 plus watch. This is my "dressy" diver and for some reason I think of it almost like a "Poor Man's Omega Seamaster". Whenever I wear this watch I feel like I am wearing an expensive, well finished watch. While it is more than capable as a diver it is so darned nice looking that I feel I could wear a Tux with this thing. While the Tunas are divers through and through and look the part the Ti Samurai is almost like a diver that is a dress watch as well. Not many divers really pull this off and the Ti Samurai and Omega Seamaster are two that jump to mind for me that do this so well.

I'm not certain as to whether I will ever get a Black Ti Samurai or not. The Blue gets used often when I go out with a blue shirt or when I am going to see Toronto professional sports events as so many of Toronto's teams have blue in their uniforms.
I may snag an Orange Ti Samurai one day and add the bracelet to it (for some reason the Orange is sold with strap all the time).
This is one beautiful watch and hopefully this essay and my photos have helped convey this.
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