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I received this watch a few days back but I was very busy...then a totally relaxed weekend and I now just managed to let you fellow WIS know what I think of this watch..

First impressions when I opened the watch box were good. The pitch black dial and the matte & bold grey hands gave the watch away as a true Professional tool.

Upon close inspection one notices that the hour markers are also matte, and combined with the white lume and the pitch black dial make the watch one of the most easily readable in any condition...what I dont really like is the ovr extended minute hand tail, I know that this is the most important of the three hands but I would definitely have preferred it to be shorter on the tail side..kind of like the SBBN015 for example..

The hands look very proffesional and though they lack the fine and very nice brushing of the SBBN015 hands they are still very nice..

I really like the white font on the black day/date wheel, it makes the dial look even cleaner. The font size is just the right size and the 3 lines of text below the hands pinion are a very nice touch. The font colour, like the minute markers is silver (matte..for a change).

The shroud is a very well finished and the ceramic PVD material feels very nice to the touch. The bezel is stiff but not overly so, but much better than the SBBN015, it has a polymer coating with the numbers sunken in the polymer. It looks very tool like. A lumed triangle replaces the lume pip, this way the insert has no edges and cannot be damaged in case it get hit hard in service.

The screwed crown is large and for me the perfect size, the indents make it very easy to grip. The crown has a male thread on it and the case a female thread, this makes it feel very sturdy. Also when you screw it down you feel the resistance insrease, like you are screwing onto an o-ring, a feeling very like the one on the Rolex triplock crown. I am not sure if Seiko uses the same system on the Darth. Being signed is a nice touch.

The one piece case makes do with one less gasket on the back, and gives the user further peace of mind. The screwed down crystal is further proof of how serious this watch is.

The thick sapphire crystal has an underside A/R coating that is not very effective. It looks a copper colour in certain angles. It does reduce glare to a certain extent, but is nothing as effective as say the one on the SBDX001 MM, therefore miles away from the PO and Breitlings...

The rubber strap is a surprise actually. It is the best Seiko rubber strap to date IMHO. I know this is not saying much, but seriously it is supple, compliant and at the same time feels very tough. The DLC coated titanium keeper and buckle are a nice touch.

In conclusion I think this is a very serious dive watch and to me is the ultimate in no holds barred, functional tool watches. I hope you enjoyed this review :-!

I will take more pics this week...

Thanks for reading;-)
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